Crochet Amigurumi


According to Wikpedia, amigurumi is one of the most popular crochet (and knitting) trends of the current day. Amigurumi comes from the Japanese words – ami – meaning crochet (or knitted) and nuigurumi – meaning stuffed doll. Typically they are cute animals and dolls, often with exaggerated features, like you get in Japanese Manga-type art and they are crocheted using the UK double crochet (or single crochet in US terminology). Usually you crochet with a hook smaller than you would normally use for the yarn you have – so for instance DK/ sports/ 8-ply yarn would normally be a 4mm (US G) hook, but with amigurumi you might use a 3 mm (US approx. C/D) hook or possibly even smaller, depending on the pattern and how tight you want the stitches to be. You usually crochet in the round, and use a stitch marker to allow you to count the stitches and follow the pattern. Amigurumi can range from really simple forms like a crochet snake, to intricate detail that is really more art than toy. [Of course, in my opinion all crochet is art, but hopefully you know what I mean.]

If you want to know more about Amigurumi, check out one of the links below or do a search on Ravelry or Pinterest for some ideas on what to try.

The first link is for a pattern to make a snake pattern from the Repeat Crafter Me blog.


My snake looks like it is in the process of eating a meal – I include this photo as a cautionary tale of the importance to use a stitch marker each round, even on simple patterns, and to count! But also as encouragement, that kids love what you make, even when it’s a bit wonky. You can see from the picture how well loved he is from his little yarny fluff beard!

For my other top Amigurumi tips check out my blog on batman.

June, from Planet June is the amigurumi guru and has loads of brilliant video tutorials (for left and right handers), as well as fab pattern ideas and advice on amigurumi in general.

All about Ami is a really inspiring blog and here is a link to the post on amigurumi for beginners that I found interesting and helpful.

I got my batman pattern from Clare Heesh at 53stitches. There are loads of great patterns here. Batman was quite challenging [and rated as such as intermediate], but such great fun and a really brilliant pattern, with very clear instructions. If you are up for it, then you’ll find loads of inspiration in Clare’s Etsy shop. They are in US terms.

Also check out Sahrit’s Etsy Shop – An Eye for cuteness   – great detailed patterns, with lots of photos and also charts. Lots of Disney characters and much more.

Here is the link for the mini-bower bird pattern featured in the picture at the top of the blog. It is from a Simply Crochet Magazine and I include the link to the ravelry page here. There is also a pattern for a larger version on Lucy’s blog here.

NB I have no affiliation with any of these sites, I am simply recommending them as I have used them and found them to be worthy of recommendation and I hope you will love them too.

To be continued…

This page is in it’s infancy, so I will be updating it. Do keep an eye out for new information and let me know in the comments if there is anything you would find useful to know that I haven’t included!


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