Beginners guide to crochet

So, you feel inspired to crochet – how to start?

By far the best way to learn to crochet is to have a patient person sit with you and show you how to crochet. My first crochet experience was taught to me by my Grandma, when I was a child. So my first suggestion is – check out your circle of friends and acquaintances – do any of them crochet? Could they show you how to get started? If not, and if you can afford it, does anywhere near to you run crochet classes? My local craft shop, which is now sadly closing, was running beginner classes in crochet, alongside quilting and sewing. Crochet is now quite trendy and ever increasing in popularity.


Gypsy Queen Granny Square by Nicki Trench from Cute and Easy Crochet with Flowers.


However, despite my Grandma’s best efforts at 1:1 teaching for me, I’m afraid I pretty much forgot everything she taught me in adulthood! So as an adult, I relearnt a couple of years ago to crochet for FREE by using tutorials and videos provided on the internet. In my opinion, if you can’t get a friend or teacher to show you, then that is the next best thing.


Summer Garden Granny Square by Lucy at Attic24

Some important information…

It is really, really important to know that the US and UK crochet terms are different, well, in fact, therein lies the problem, they are actually the same words, but they mean different things – yikes! Think of it as being the way that if I talk about ‘pants’ I mean something different to my American friend. I would advise you to try and be bilingual in crochet terms, as it opens up a wealth of patterns, but to begin with, use either UK or US terms to learn and stick with them until you feel confident.


The Babette Blanket by Kathy Merrick is made up of solid Granny Squares


Essential Equipment…

You just need a crochet hook , yarn, scissors and a blunt ended needle with a large eye for sewing in the ends. See pictures below:


I used a 4 mm hook and DK Yarn. I picked both up in my local charity shop, for around £3 new.


The Mom Blanket – Pattern is the Shabby Chic Granny Square throw by Leonie Morgan



As you can see from the pictures on this page, the humble Granny Square can is something quite beautiful, from its standard form to the more complex, flower variations and I believe it is the best pattern to learn to begin with. There are many ways to make a granny square and everyone has a favourite.  I only tell you this, as I have chosen 2 video and picture tutorials, one with UK and one with US terms, but if you watched both, you would find the patterns are slightly different. It doesn’t really matter, as the squares all come out looking the same. I have linked to the picture tutorial and both pages have a video showing the pattern, linked in the page.


Some Granny Squares from the Nicki Trench Camelia Blanket from Cute and Easy Crochet


The Crochet Tutorials:

UK Terms:

Bella Coco Tutorial

US terms:

Instructibles Tutorial

Enjoy! I’d love to hear how you find the videos and see your Granny Squares 🙂

Post a comment below 


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