For the Love of Crochet.. Part 1…

Hello, I am back! It is shocking to see it has been over a year *blush* – but you will be relieved to know that I have not spent a year off crocheting :-D. I could come up with lots of excuses – we moved twice in a period of 8 months and we have had some health issues in the family, but really, I don’t know why I haven’t written because when I write about crochet I combine two of the great loves God has given me – crochet and writing.


I think some of my reluctance has been feeling that I was ‘behind’ and needed to ‘catch-up’ on writing up my various projects. Therefore, I have decided just to start on a clean sheet and begin with my current WIPs (Works In Progress). I am also going to include some pictures of projects I have completed for your delectation and if there are any you find particularly inspiring or have a question about, post in the comments below and I will either put an answer in there or write a blog post, when I have time (I promise to try and not take over a year…).


Summer Love Blanket

I super love this project! I am making this for my eldest daughter Miss Em, and she has had quite a lot of input into what kind of pattern she would like and I have tried to choose colours I knew that she would like, as well as working well together in the colour scheme. Miss Em’s favourite blanket I have made so far is the Camelia Blanket (see picture below) and you will see that it features in more ways than one in this blanket. I have used the left over Stylecraft Baby Lilac Aran yarn (now discontinued) from the Camelia Blanket, as well as including more Stylecraft Special Aran in the colours of Lavender, Pistachio, Plum, Magenta and Denim, with a 5mm hook.


I have literally copied the design from a Japanese blog here (just from the pictures, I am not a secret Japanese linguist), including the layout of the squares and the type of starburst and flower squares, although I have added in the Camelia Flower Square . The Camelia flower Square comes from Cute and Easy Crochet by Nicky Trench and the other Flower square is from the Buggy Blanket in Cute and Easy Crochet with Flowers by Nicky Trench. I am using join-as-you-go, slip-stitch join, as I go along and of course sewing in all the ends, as all good girls do! (There would be a very bitter end to this blanket if I left it all to the end, as there are a lot of ends…) I made the starburst pattern up myself, using the photos from the original blanket as a guide to the stitches.  There are loads of starburst patterns out there, but I just could not find any that I liked, hence making my own up, based on the photos.


If you look closely at the mega sized Granny Squares you will see that they have a slight variation in the corners from round 6 onwards. A curious thing happens with Granny Squares if you just keep getting bigger and bigger, they actually start to twist. Therefore, if you are supersizing, you may need to make some adjustments to the corners in order to keep a proper square shape (I am a little obsessive about my crochet lying flat, as previous readers of my blog will know). I used the formula suggested by Edie Eckman in Connect the Shapes.


I am really enjoying this blanket. There is great variety in doing the different squares, which keeps it really interesting and exciting. By using the join-as-you-go method, I can also see the fabric growing before my eyes and choose and balance the colours as I go. It is a lot of fun and I am really pleased with how it is turning out.



In my next blog post I am going to be talking “Freeform Crochet”, another really fun way to crochet and a current Craftsy class I am taking. For now, I am going to bedazzle you with lots of pictures of completed projects. Do post questions or comments below if you want to know more about any of them. And have fun crocheting 🙂


Crochet Sssssnake, which mini Mr T loves 😀



Gypsy Rose Cushion – From Pattern by Nicky Trench in Cute and Easy Crochet with Flowers



Octie Throw pattern by Jessie Rayot (I used her colour scheme and yarn choice too)



I designed my own little filler shape for the corner to make the edges straight.



This is The Waterfall of Love Blanket, using Ripples of Happiness by Sucrette



I love pompoms! Easy to make with Clover pompom makers.



Baby Blanket in Painted Roses design by Sandra Paul


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