Man Blanket 2 and Little Boy Blue Blanket Ta dahs – AKA V-Stitch love

I have to confess, in the past, the standard V-stitch had left me a bit uninspired, however, a little while ago, I spotted that the lovely Anita from My Craft Life had made a V-stitch blanket that looked truly beautiful, and not like the others I had seen. When I realised Anita had also made a handy, detailed photo tutorial on her version of the V-Stitch blanket and even how to do the border, I couldn’t wait to get started.

IMG_3741 IMG_3742

The Little Boy Blue Blanket was just a quick little make. I had noticed some of Mini Mr T’s baby blankets were getting a bit small and I had a large number of blue scraps left over the Sea Blanket, that were just ripe for using up on a small project and actually this V-stitch blanket is awesome for using up scraps. I used Stylecraft special DK with a 4 mm hook, in petrol, turquoise, sherbet, white, silver, denim, storm, cloud and new fashion DK in astor, royal and wedgewood , with the addition of stylecraft lipstick red to add a bit of zing. I randomised the colours, but I did keep the red at regular intervals. When I got to the end, I only did a round of double crochet in petrol (US single crochet) and then a second round of double crochet into the back loop only, which creates a slight ridge and a simple, but effective border. I had a starting chain of 180 (as I wanted the stripes coming lengthways) and the finished blanket was 100cm by 115cm.

IMG_3750 IMG_3749

Mr T watched the progress of the Little Boy Blue blanket with interest and part way through declared that he was in need of a TV blanket and that the pattern would be pretty awesome for a second man blanket. So, this time I went back to Stylecraft chunky (ordered from Anita) and chose lipstick, white, silver, graphite, cloud blue, denim, aster and royal. I again randomised the colour choices and kept the red at regular intervals. It was again, a quick make. I had a starting chain of 132, used a 6mm hook and the finished size of the blanket was about 120cm by 160cm. I used the same simple border, in aster and ta da it was done and ready to wrap up for an extra Christmas present.

IMG_4075 IMG_4074

One of the awesome things about the V-stitch pattern is that it is very soothing and repetitive and lends itself to listening to something at the same time. I love listening to Podcasts while I work in the Kitchen and also whilst I crochet. Via Marly Bird’s Yarn Thing podcast (a whole podcast dedicated to yarn love!) I found out about CraftLit, which is totally awesome. Heather Ordover basically provides a little craft talk and then book talk and then chapters from a great book. I have listened to the whole of Sense and Sensibility, but there are lots to choose from in the archives and also the option to purchase premium content and even more books. I loved it because I really enjoy Jane Austen’s books and Sense and Sensibility is a favourite, but the book notes really brought it to life. I got a lot more of the jokes and I was able to understand more of the layers in the story.

IMG_4080 IMG_4076

P.S. Another 2 podcasts I listen to are the Busy Mom podcast and Sally Clarkson’s Podcast – At Home with Sally, which are both for encouraging women at home. I’d love to hear if there are any podcasts you recommend.

P.P.S. I have stuck to sewing in the ends as I go along, and I can say that I thoroughly recommend it. See my post on the Sea blanket and bitter sweet ends.





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