The Camellia Blanket …


The Story behind the Camellia blanket actually began back at the end of last year, when I purchased the yarn, although it really didn’t take that long to make. I was planning my projects for the year and I was getting inspiration from Nicki Trench’s Cute and Easy Crochet. My daughter Miss H saw the Camellia blanket and immediately fell in love with it – and no surprise, as it is gorgeous. If you don’t have the book, click on the picture below and you can see the original blanket courtesy of the look inside function on Amazon.

I found the yarn we wanted at Wool Warehouse, and because there was only just enough of the main colour in stock, I ordered all the yarn at the same time as another project I was working on. My idea was to make the Camellia squares through the year, interspersed with other projects and finish the blanket in October time, ready for the cooler weather. I loved the colours Miss H and I chose together, which we based on the colour scheme of the original, along with Miss H’s favourites – in Stylecraft Special Aran in Plum, Magenta, Fondant, Pomegranate and meadow, with Stylecraft Special Baby Aran in lilac as the main colour. I used 1 X 100g ball of all the colours, with a bit extra of plum I had left over from another project, and 5 X 200g balls of main colour lilac. I used a 5 mm hook and the blanket ended up approximately 130 cm by 150 cm.


I did make a few squares here and there, but it didn’t quite work out as I had planned. By the end of the summer, I hadn’t accomplished much and although I loved the pattern, I knew that I was going to get bored making huge numbers of the same colour granny square in a month. I was a bit flummoxed, as Miss H wanted her blanket pretty much straight away, once her elder sisters’ were completed [The Sea Blanket and The Dancing Zig Zags blanket). However – what was I to do with only a ball of each of the flower colours, and so much main colour? Strangely enough, Aldi saved the day [you gotta love Aldi]. I picked up a discounted crochet book in the end of summer sale and found the Gramma and Granbabies Blanket and an idea began to creep into my mind.


I used the concept of the one large granny square, with the smaller squares added to opposite ends of the square, to make the blanket rectangle shape. When I had finished my colour repeats, I still wanted a little more length than width, so if you look closely, you will see I simply added some rows of granny stripes at either end in the main colour. I joined the middle squares with join-as-you-go continuous join and the end smaller squares with join-as-you-go, both times using the flat join technique I learnt in the Edie Eckman class on Craftsy – Joining Crochet Motifs.

IMG_3461 IMG_3628 (2)

The edging was just a simple foundation row of double (US single) crochet in the main colour lilac, then one row of double crochet (US single crochet) in the contrast colour of Plum and then a final round of crab stitch (reverse double/ US single crochet) which I learnt in Edie Eckman ‘s Craftsy Fantastic finishes, edgings and borders class. Up until I saw Edie’s tutorial, I had just not been able to get the hang of the crab stitch. I really highly recommend all of Edie’s crochet classes on Craftsy, they have really helped me to improve my crochet to a new level.


And that was the beautiful Camelia blanket finished. I love it! I think it is the most beautiful blanket I have made so far and Miss H loves it, which of course is what matters. 🙂



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