The Sea Blanket and bitter sweet ends…


I hope that you have all had an awesome summer. It seems I’ve had a summer holiday from my blog too, although not really intended. Our summers seem to be a time of paradox, because although we do slow down and we are definitely even more chillaxed than normal, at the same time we seem to do a lot more ‘doing’ too – trips out to see friends, visiting the park, holidays etc and generally making the most of the summer. I also seem to have a lot less time to crochet and/ or blog! Although, somehow I have managed to finish the Sea Blanket, which is mainly due to having spent a lot of time in the car (with Mr T being chauffeur of course). I am so grateful to God for being able to crochet in the car, even though I cannot read, because it really has made me look forward to long car journeys (even with 5 children in the car with me too, lol).


One of those journeys over the summer was to the Norfolk coast, which was perfect inspiration for crocheting the Sea Blanket. As you already I know, I am completely in love with the Lazy Waves crochet pattern by Dedri Uys and it remains my very favourite crochet pattern. The Sea Blanket was made for Miss G, who loves the sea and blue is her absolute favourite colour and we had such fun choosing the colours for this blanket. Some we bought new (which we chose on holiday, which was a lovely reminder in the blanket), but most of them were from my yarn stash, as the Lazy Waves pattern is awesome for using up scraps.


So here is the low down on the colours I used: in Stylecraft Speical DK– Denim, Silver, Petrol, Khaki, Meadow, Storm, Bluebell, Cloud, Turquoise, Sherbet, New Fashion DK – Wedgewood, Saxe, Royal, Astor, Glacier, Emerald, Imperial, Teal, I used a 4mm hook with a starting chain of 172 (21 X 8 + 4). I used a single strand of yarn for the pattern. I took a different approach with the colour choices this time. The first repeat of colours I ‘planned’ using pegs as I would normally, but I wasn’t happy as it felt too stripy to me. The rest of the blanket, I approached the same way I would paint, and picked the colours as they seemed to fit with each row and the blanket as a whole. It took a little more time, but I was much more pleased with the effect and it made for a very satisfying artistic process.


After I finished the blanket there was a week before I started the border, due to what I call, bitter ends fatigue. As I have said previously, I hate sewing in the ends. I am generally rather naughty and leave them all to the end of the blanket to do, which doesn’t really help with motivation levels. This time round, even though there weren’t actually that many ends to sew in, I just kept getting fatigue with them and ended up only doing a few here and there, before I couldn’t bear it any longer. I was also a bit sad to be at the end of my project and feeling negative about it, rather than happy. At the same time, I was really interested to read Lucy from Attic24’s blog on her beautiful new Harmony Blanket. In the blog, Lucy came up with a really nifty trick for persuading yourself to do the ends as you go. Using an idea from Cherry Heart (another beautiful crafting and crochet blog) Lucy had crocheted a needle holder to attach to her scissors. I was so fed up with those ends I’d left, that I decided to do the same, for my next projects. I chose a lime, and I sewed it with felt and filled it with lavender. The lime is significant because I love limes, but they are rather bitter on their own, and need to be mixed in with other drinks and foods, to be really enjoyed. So that is the reminder for me with my ends – they are much more fun mixed in amongst the rest of the crochet, here and there, rather than leaving myself a bitter end!


The border was a simple border again, with a double crochet (US single crochet) foundation row just down each side and then border #25 From Edie Eckman’s border book Around the Corner Crochet Borders, in Petrol, worked directly into the ends and into the double crochet rows at the side.


The finished blanket is about 130 cm by 160 cm, which is a generous single bed size, or the perfect sofa snuggle size.

IMG_3289 IMG_3280 IMG_3270IMG_3282

I loved crocheting this blanket and of course, more importantly, Miss G loves it too! I just love to see my big girl wrapped up in all my love and prayers. 🙂

IMG_3268 (2)


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