The Serendipity Blanket Begins…

Well, I left my last blog post on the lovely Sugar and Spice Cardigan by Simone Francis with a lovely photograph of a sneak-peak of my swatch of the Lazy Wave Blanket pattern, by Dedri Uys at Look What I made with the words that I was just waiting for the Nepal Drops Yarn to be on offer again…

A swatch of the Lazy Ripple pattern by Dedri at Look at What I made.

A swatch of the Lazy Ripple pattern by Dedri at Look at What I made.

Well, guess what?! This week the Drops Nepal yarn was on offer again at Wool Warehouse, woo hoo, and I put my proposal to Mr T and Mr T, he say, “Yes!” So this week, I began making myself a blanket and so many things about this blanket were providential, that the only name I could possibly come up with was the Serendipity Blanket.


I also find it pretty amusing that after all I said about loving acrylic yarn in my post on yarn love, The Serendipity Blanket is going to be 100% natural fibres, without even a sniff of acrylic. However, price wise, with the discount, it is still around the same amount of money as most of my other larger sized blankets have been. It is slightly less not really practical on the washing front, but it is my blanket and I have found that Mr T’s Man Blanket doesn’t need washing that frequently.


And I do love the Drops Nepal yarn, so much. I love its feel and drape and I love the slightly rustic appearance and the lovely soft colours. I chose 12 colours in the end, which if my maths is correct, should work up into 96 rows altogether, or 8 rows per 100g of yarn. I’m following the pattern by Dedri Uys as written, so I’m using a 5.5mm hook and the same starting chain of 164. [Edit: The pattern is written in US terms, so be sure to ‘translate’ it into UK terms. So the single crochet is a UK double crochet, the double crochet is a UK treble crochet and the treble crochet is a UK double treble crochet.]


I chose Light grey green to be the main colour, in that I am going to use this for the border. I chose 4 warm colours – cerise, goldenrod, red and orange mix and 4 cool blues – royal, denim, medium blue and forget-me-not, and 4 cooler colours – grey purple, light grey green, purple mix and pistachio. I am going to stripe the warm colours up evenly in the same order, interchanging the 2 colours in between in a random order from the cool and cooler colours.


I love this pattern, it is such fun and it is easy, without being boring. It is also very relaxing, which is good as it has not been the easiest of weeks for me (it was Miss Em’s birthday on Wednesday and we are all missing her terribly). It has really helped me to stay calm. Of course, all those beautiful colours and the wonderful tactile feel of the yarn have been very therapeutic too. And yes, it does have the toddler hug approval from Miss E! And as if all of this was not enough, it is really quick to work up. I’ve already crocheted a quarter of the blanket since Wednesday.


Just as well really, as our British summer is proving distinctly on the cold side, so I am looking forward to having my own blanket and not having to nick Mr T’s Man Blanket

Click here to see the blanket finished


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