Miss Maggie Ta dah!

Miss Maggie is currently being enjoyed by her happy owner (and her happy owner’s sisters), so as promised here are the pictures (NB I’m afraid I only got round to taking the pictures after Miss Maggie had been rather played with, so some items look slightly scrumpled and distinctly scruffley, but hopefully you will get the idea).


As a reminder, the lovely Miss Maggie is designed by Alicia Poulson and you can get the download pattern here. Sorry if there is a tiny bit of repetition from my earlier post on Miss Maggie, it’s just so you didn’t have to go hopping around to find the info.


I found all the patterns of Alicia’s I used to be excellent (I have the Miss Maggie pattern and cold weather outfit, which has the Duffle coat, jumper  (knitted, I winged mine with crochet), trousers and some smaller boots and a scarf (which I shall make later). There are really clear instructions and lots of photographs. I would say that Miss Maggie was easy to make (especially compared to some of the toys I have made in the past). I didn’t know blanket stitch before I started and I was able to pick it up pretty quickly. It is an excellent edge for a felt toy. There is a really awesome comparison of whip stitch and blanket stitch for plushies on Future girls blog.


I used 100% felt from The Wool Felt Company, because its worth a little extra as there is very little pilling (bobbling) of the material when its played with. Two of the 20 X 30cm sheets in thistle were plenty for Miss Maggie’s body. For the Duffle coat, I also used 2 sheets of coral. One sheet of the fuchsia was enough for boots and the bag (I just cobbled together my own pattern for that). In these boots, I used thin elastic for the laces, which makes them easier for little fingers. The purple boots laced with thread are nowhere to be found, I think because they were too hard to take on and off for a little one, or maybe our home is just to messy… hmmm lets go for option one.


Miss Maggie also required Liberty lawn fabric for her ears and dress. I know – she is a rabbit with expensive tastes. However, in the UK this is no problem, as I simply ordered some Liberty fabric Scraps from Very Berry fabrics on Folksy.


The glasses I made with craft wire using this excellent tutorial. Craft wire was not ideal, as Sharon says in the video, but it was all I had to hand. I will be getting some florist wire, which is what she recommends, to make some more sturdy glasses. The girls still love the glasses though, even though they are a bit very wobbly!


The shawl is a simple granny stripe using Lucy from Attic24’s pattern using some discount Debbie Bliss Angel yarn, with a 3.5mm hook, which I bought from the lovely Linda Kirkbride at Handmade Studios. If you follow Linda on Instagram, you can buy yarn from the odd ball basket for hugely reduced prices and she does still have some of the Debbie Bliss Angel yarn left.


The Blanket was made using Stylecraft Special DK, I used a 3.5 mm hook with Stylecraft Special DK, going for soft vintage-type colours for the centres (copper, pale rose, meadow, khaki, claret, raspberry, grape, denim, camel) and using cream for the outside with the continuous join as you go method, which involves saving a lot of sewing in ends and is reasonably quick once you get used to it. The edging round the blanket is #129 from Edie Eckmans book Around the Corner Crochet Borders, using raspberry, meadow, pale rose and grape.


The Bedding was all made from fat quarters from my fabric stash, which I bought in Hobbycraft in their January sale. The Quilt has some fleece sewn inside to puff it up. Please don’t look too closely at those, as they were being made at 10.30pm the night before the birthday… Not the prettiest sewing job, but they are well loved. Handmade doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s all about the love!


So I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing Miss Maggie finished. I’m happy to answer any questions about the sewing bits, or anything I’ve forgotten to talk about, please just ask them in the comments below. I was trying to keep this short and sweet – I know, poor Mr T has to put up with me all the time – he sure is glad I have a crochet blog to share all my craft shenanigans on nowadays. Have a great weekend and I hope I’ve inspired you to have a try with Miss Maggie or one of her woodland friends. 🙂


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