Crochet Books I love…

My last blog post was all about getting projects finished and planning new ones, so I thought that today I would share some of my favourite books I use in my planning with all that lovely yarn.

Cute and Easy Crochet With Flowers – 35 gorgeous crochet projects all incorporating beautiful floral motifs and decorations

Picture from used with permission

One of my future projects is going to be the Gypsy Queen Blanket designed by Nicki Trench from her book Cute and Easy Crochet with Flowers. Nicki Trench, the author and designer, is just awesome and * a crochet queen * – (well a craft queen, since Nicki is a talented designer and consultant in many different mediums – including knitting, quilting, embroidery… the list goes on.)


Gypsy Queen fun…



Cute and Easy Crochet with Flowers by Nicki Trench is my first go to book for inspiration and there are lots of other gorgeous patterns in here. I often use the flower patterns on their own to embellish other projects.

Cute and Easy Crochet – Nicki Trench:

Cute and Easy Crochet is another of Nicki’s books and where the pattern for my crochet hook roll and Camelia Blanket, amongst others, come from.


What I love about Nicki’s books are the clear, written patterns and instructions and that there is something exciting for all levels from beginner to expert. Both the links to these books contain copies of the books that have UK terminology for the crochet terms.

Around the Corner Crochet Borders – Edie Eckman:

Unlike Nicki’s books above, which are all in UK crochet terms, Around the Corner Crochet Borders is in US terms, but I do recommend if you can, to become bilingual in crochet terminology, as there are a lot of great US patterns. Even some UK designers use US terms. In any event, all the patterns in Around the Corner are charted [being able to read a chart is another very useful skill to have. I learnt to read charts by using books like this and comparing the written pattern with the chart.]


#102 from Crochet Round the Corner, on the Mom Blanket


Even if you didn’t use the patterns, for me, this book is worth the money just for the general advice at the beginning for adding crochet borders to crochet, knitted and textile items. Beyond that, there are some beautiful borders to add, including many ‘simple’ ones that with colour changes make a fantastic finish to your blanket, which looks very professional. There is something here for all levels of crochet skill.

Colorful Crochet Afghans and Pillows: 19 Projects to Brighten Your Home – Kristel Salgarollo:

Colorful Crochet Afghans and Pillows is brand new and only released this year and is really inspirational. Again, it is in US terms, but all the patterns are actually charted, rather than written directions, for the most part. You would have to learn to read charts to use this book.


Planning on using some of these in one of those gorgeous patterns…


And what a reward you would have if you did! Kristel Salgarollo is best known for her quilting, although she has crocheted all her life too, and she has brought that quilting influence into her designs and all of them have a quilting twist, with a very modern style. Also, some of the designs incorporate fabrics, which I love  and they look great. My favourite of all the designs is the 9 patch throw, featured on the front cover, but I have to be honest, there is not one design in this book that I have not considered as a future project. They are all gorgeous.

201 Crochet Motifs, Blocks, Projects and Ideas – Melody Griffiths:

With Melody Griffiths’ 201 Crochet Motifs, Blocks, Projects and Ideas we have a return to UK terminology. Melody’s book is worth buying for the entire crochet applique alphabet, but there’s a lot more to inspire in here too. I really like the end section that suggests projects for the motifs in the book. So far, I have mostly used Melody’s book for the alphabet, but also for some of the lovely flower motifs, as decorations for other projects. Melody’s patterns are written out and some of them are charted.

I’d love to hear about your favourite crochet books in the comments and I hope that I have inspired you with some new ideas. 🙂

P.S. You will be pleased to know I’ve finished my Babette and Maleficent and will be blogging about them soon – see picture below and for even more pictures check my Instagram, Ravelry or Facebook by following the links at the side.


P.P.S. The Book Pictures I have used are affiliate links, so if you were to click on them to go to Amazon and buy the book, I would make a few pennies. However, I didn’t really put them there to make money, to be honest, I just like that I can list the books I love along with their pictures. Actually, I do also love Amazon. Mr T reckons I keep them in business and it is true I do spend rather a lot of his hard earned cash with Amazon. I do also use The Book People a lot too, and they are always worth a look for a bargain. They had a couple of cool crochet books in their outlet section last time I looked. Finally, last, but by no means least, always remember to check out your local library. I can order books into my local library at the cost of £1.30 for the reservation. I find this a great way to check out if it is worth investing in a book and you might be surprised at what your local library network stock.


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