Yarn love and UFOs…

I’m busy working on a couple of projects or WIPs (works in progress) this weekend. My Babette blanket is just getting its final round of border (very exciting)  and my next amigurumi project is progressing well. (Will not mention the others on the go… my baby play blanket, Camelia blanket… ahem, the list is getting rather long) So of course, as I am want to, my mind is busy planning my next project or 3…

IMG_1298 image

I think this may be a common thing amongst crafters, because I follow a number of blogs featuring different crafts and a big theme for early 2015 seems to have been finishing off UFOs (otherwise known as un-finished objects!). I personally like to have several projects on the go because I like to have a bit of variety and choice of what to work on and also when I am working on a longer term project (like the Babette blanket), I like being able to have mini-projects that I can finish quickly, like batman or the Bunny Cozy Comforter. I also love to have time to experiment and think about new ideas and try  them out to see if I like them, plan how much yarn I need, how much time it is going to take, what colours I want etc. My husband Mr T thinks my policy is ridiculous and strives to win me over to working on one thing at a time and getting it finished…


He has got a point! I made myself a bit overwhelmed recently as I blithely ordered a pack of yarn to take part in Stylecraft’s brilliant Lily Pond crochet-along. When it arrived, I started to have misgivings – who exactly was I making this blanket for and when exactly was I going to find the time to do it? I was actually starting to feel pretty stressed and concluded that maybe, just maybe, there was a middle ground between mine and Mr T’s strategies…


So, I made the bold decision that I wasn’t going to do the crochet-along. I’m sure there will be another one soon and I didn’t want to feel under pressure to be completing work, when actually my aim for crochet is to help me chillax! Of course, that’s what started me thinking about that yarn pack and what I’m going to do with it instead… but I have promised myself that although I am allowed to experiment and have fun, I am not starting anything new, until I have got my UFOs in order. And now of course, Mr T has that in writing – eek.


Photo of shade card kindly provided by Chris at Country Crafts


But I do have all this lovely yarn to play with! I also ordered myself a Stylecraft  Special DK shade card from Country Crafts (ordered one day, arrived the next), which is brill as I can look at some of the colours I haven’t got while doing my experiments to see if I need to buy any more yarn, mwah ha ha. I have found the idea of putting yarn shades on pegs, which Lucy at Attic24 recommended, to be very useful for colour planning. If you check out the country crafts website , you can get a set ready made for you.


There are many reasons why I love Stylecraft Special DK . It is cheap and so, so soft that toddlers love cuddling it – but not only that, it comes in amazing colours (71 shades), doesn’t split and has a rather lovely sheen to the finish. And, it gives great stitch definition and washes really well. I’m sure at some point when my children are older I will graduate to more expensive yarns, but I love that if some mishap occurs (like terribly tangled yarn, after a 2 year old has cuddled it) I can just bin it, without tears.


Looking forward to sharing some of my UFOs as finished objects soon.

Enjoy your weekend 🙂


6 thoughts on “Yarn love and UFOs…

  1. Kim says:

    How funny I purchased virtually the same colours as those in your floral bag last week to make a Spring/Summer blanket!
    Am frantically trying to finish my current Cosy Stripe lap blanket first before venturing into the new project. Such a challenge to resist having several things on the go at once! X


    • Inspiring Crochet says:

      Oooh, that sounds scrummy, they are perfect colours for a Spring/ Summer blanket, looking forward to seeing that and I say great minds think alike! I do love the stylecraft colours, so much choice. Looking forward to seeing your Cosy Stripe finished too. I love Lucy’s pattern, so simple, but very lovely. :-)))


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